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At Millennial Financial Group we help our customers make the most of their ownership experiences with great rates and all-star service that can result in substantial savings.



Is your mortgage coming up for renewal? Want to make sure you have the best rate and most favourable terms available? Millennial Financial Group can provide a single point of access to the best rates from our diverse group of lenders. We work with many lenders, both institutional and private, to provide the broadest range of options for you. We also have access to unpublished rates available exclusively to select mortgage professionals.


Millennial Financial Group makes it easy to shop for the best rate.

And, in most cases, there is no charge to our customers for our service.



There are times when interest rates have dropped enough to make it worth your while to switch to a new mortgage even before your renewal date. There is a penalty to be released from your current mortgage so the rate differential needs to be significant before this option makes sense, but at Millennial Financial Group, we can help you determine what’s best in your situation.


Best Rates

Switches often involve changing lenders to get the best rate and terms. Millennial Financial Group helps by consulting with a wide variety of lenders on your behalf and presenting you with a number of options.

Switching has no negative impact on your equity or your credit. Switches are exact dollar for dollar payouts, providing your current lender with all outstanding principal and simply creating a new mortgage in that amount.

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