Critical Illness Insurance

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It is a fact that one in three Canadians will experience a life-altering illness during their lifetime. Who do you know who has suffered from a heart disease, stroke or cancer? Chances of survival are great, but will your finances survive?

With continuous health care improvements and modern medical science, people are surviving life-threatening illnesses every day.

If you were diagnosed with a life-threatening illness today, would you have the funds to:

Build a wheelchair ramp for $50/square foot?
Could you renovate your home for $5,000 - $100,000?
Could you hire a private nurse for three days a week at $18/hour?
How about purchasing a van with a wheelchair lift for $25,000 - $40,000?

If you are never diagnosed with a Critical Illness, you have the chance to receive 100% of all your paid premiums back. A forced savings plan that protects you and your lifestyle.