We can help with all of your commercial mortgage needs

Not too surprisingly, commercial mortgages are subject to different laws and regulations than residential mortgages. But the rates and products available are also affected by completely different market forces.

Even though we have enjoyed many years of borrower-friendly rates on the residential front, commercial mortgage rates have rarely kept pace and it’s common to experience times where commercial mortgage rates are higher than residential.

In this environment, where compliance and legal requirements can add complexity and higher rates can add risk, it’s critically important to have the have proven experience on the team when you venture into the commercial mortgage market.

We work with our commercial customers to meet a wide range of mortgage and leasing needs.

The list below shows our breadth of experience in both typical and special purpose mortgages.

As with our residential services, we maintain a large network of private and institutional lenders to find the best arrangement for our commercial clients.

Commercial financing often comes with tax and/or business considerations that must be considered. Millennial Financial Group can provide, through their partner network, a comprehensive suite of business services to serve the credit requirements and business growth of most companies.

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