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Millennial Financial Group is looking for Motivated, Licensed Insurance and Financial Planning Advisors, as well as Mortgage Brokers to join our growing team.

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Millennial Financial Group understands many advisors are not properly looking after their clients to ensure their current and future needs are protected. We have a strong belief in the importance of knowledge and educating the next generation. Individuals are looking for simple solutions to complicated problems.


Millennial Financial Group works in partnership with the Gryphin Advantage MGA. We understand the importance of working in a caring environment, surrounded by people who operate with a collected sense of purpose. It is essential to maintain independence as an advisor, while simultaneously having access to superior technical support and consumer-accountable products. We can provide this, all while having fun and being the focus of a dedicated, consistent organization of relationship-building efforts. At the Gryphin Advantage, it soon becomes apparent that an ongoing investment is being made in the business, on the business and in the people associated with the business. Please learn more about the Gryphin Advantage http://www.gryphinadvantage.com

We are looking to recruit talented and self-motivated individuals to share our vision and help take our business forward. As a member of our team you will receive all the training and support you need to help become an expert in the mortgage field. We are committed to developing you into a top performer – the future growth and success of our company depends on it.

We would love the opportunity to sit down with you and to learn about you as a person.

“Providing you with the proper plan to ensure your financial needs are met, despite the obstacles life may force your way.”